I feel very relaxed and peaceful during my reiki sessions with Angela.  I have felt my mind “shut off” and rest, the sessions are definitely “my” time. I felt the treatment was very soothing, rather like a cosy hot water bottle and afterwards I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted.  I had a good night’s sleep that night, I had not slept so well in quite some time.

- Nicky Fisher

When Angela gives me reiki I feel so very relaxed and calm, it also helps me with pain relief.

- Barbara Cundell

Very relaxing – nearly asleep.  Aching across my shoulders disappeared!

- Steve Langford

I can feel the energy from Angela’s hands and I always sleep better

- Katy, Huddersfield

I could feel energy before level one – now I can feel a different and positive energy … Wow!  Excellent … can’t wait to do level 2 and practice on family and friends.

- Angela Woodbrignall, Reiki I attunement

Really enjoyable course, Angela is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable around her subject matter and her enthusiasm is contagious.

- Bonita Heeley, Reiki I attunement

I have found the experience amazing! … Not much more I can say other than WOW!  Thanks Angie.

- Angela Woodbrignall, Reiki II attunement

As a self confessed cynic I didn’t have any great expectations. However, after my first session I had the best night’s sleep in about three years. I was so impressed I asked Angie to meet my horse, Stella, and being the difficult horse that she was I wondered how she would react. The result being one blissed out, totally chilled out old mare. Angie treated several other horses on the yard with similar results. I am sure Angie’s treatment eased some of Stella’s pain and allowed her to spend several more pain free months with me, it also gave me a greater understanding of the life my beloved horse had before we met.

- Kathy Allen, Barnsley

I feel the Reiki is going very well and have had positive feedback from both my case studies and also from two recent clients at work … Thank you for being my Reiki Master, the day I received level II Attunement was very special.

- Barbara D, Reiki II attunement

I did have a fantastic experience, felt warm and at ease and my Angel was around.

- Donna Connolly, Reiki I attunement

Had a lovely experience, felt at peace, had a great day, will come again!

- Julie Bassett, Reiki I attunement

Being a Reiki Master the energy is amazing … why did I wait so long … how different does the world feel today … beautiful, amazing, delicate and powerful … I like this feeling, makes you humble to be allowed to be part of it.

- Angela Woodbrignall, Reiki III attunement

Had a very informative day and lovely lunch with great learning about Reiki.  Angie very knowledgable in her field.

- Cathryn French, Reiki I attunement

Everything fantastic.  Great product knowledge with an element of fun would defo recommend again and again.  Thank you very much for the 2 courses to date.

- Louise Middleton, Reiki I and II attunement

Came out feeling refreshed and calm.

- Emma Wood, Reiki I attunement