What does it feel like?


We are all unique and therefore will experience reiki healing energy in a way unique to us.  Reiki treats the person as a whole, their mind, body and spirit and it is given with the intention of being for the highest good and wellbeing of the person receiving the reiki, it therefore stands to reason that because each of us are very different and have different needs, we may experience a treatment differently from someone else.

Of course, there may be similarities between how people feel during a treatment, some people may feel warmth, some people may feel cold, some may tingle, some may feel hands on them where the practitioner hasn’t got their hands, some people float, some sink, some spin.   Some people even see colours.   A few of the people I have treated have said the following about receiving a treatment,

“It’s like being in heaven and closing the door”;

“I feel like I’m back in the womb”;

One lady asked me why I pulled a chain across her during her treatment (which of course I never did!!).

Some people may fall asleep, some drift off into a wonderful trance like state.  I recently received reiki from 2 Reiki Masters at the same time at a Mind Body and Spirit Show in Elsecar.  During the treatment I didn’t really feel anything, I saw lots of colours, lots of pink and I was relaxed and indeed flowing reiki myself. I felt like nothing really had happened …. that is until I tried to get up off the couch and realised I felt flat as a pancake.  I had to lay still for a good few minutes before I could get up … and then I was as high as a kite until I went and got some food to ground myself.

One thing has remained constant with every treatment I have done, each client has enjoyed it, they have relaxed and even some have fallen asleep.

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