Reiki Case Studies

Case Study 1

People come to see you for all kinds of reasons, however this was a particularly great one for me.  A lady came to see me, she found me through the Healer Foundation website, which is an Association I have been a member of for a couple of years now.  She was a lovely lady, in her forties.  Very simply, she wanted a child.  She had exhausted the NHS’s IVF treatment, and they very unhelpfully added they would not give her anymore anyway as they considered her to be too old!  So, her and her husband had been going abroad for the treatment, which they had had twice or three times.  During the last time she had the treatment it had worked, she became pregnant, which was fantastic for her, however, she lost the baby at around 12 weeks.

The couple only had enough money left for 1 more go at the treatment, however, she said she hadn’t “felt” right since she lost her baby.  She felt that things hadn’t been cleared away and she was blocked somehow.  She felt scared that the last treatment would not work and she’d never have a child.  She was very emotional, as you can imagine.  I gave her two crystals to hold, one of which had only come into my possession the week before, and it was zincite.  She relaxed into the reik straight away, like a little sponge soaking up the energy.  When I got to her heart, she began to weep, uncontrollably (which is a fantastic sign!), so after some tissues and a little hug I finished the reiki session, paying particular attention to the lower three chakras.  Afterwards she asked me why I had used a chain on her (which I hadn’t); she said she had felt like I was “pulling” a chain across her abdomen and sacral area.

I never saw this lady again, until about 8 months later, I have a part time job in a bread shop, and we make sandwiches.  One Saturday morning a lady came into the shop asking for a bacon sandwich, she then asked if I was the reiki lady and I recognised her immediately.  I asked how she was …. She was 5 months pregnant.

Case Study 2

This is a case study personal to me.  I have a love of Siamese cats, and after my first Siamese cat, Poppy, was knocked down by a speeding car and died outside our house we acquired a rescue Siamase called “Breeze”.  It was my Hubby’s decision to find a rescue cat instead of a kitten, and he found her from a picture on the internet.

As I understood things, she had been a show cat, and possibly kept in a breeders cage.  We brought her home and the first thing she did was wolf down a tin of tuna.  We had her checked out by the vet, who told us she was a little underweight.  She was very skinny, Siamese usually are, however Breeze was very thin, aside for that she was ok and good to go!

She was very jumpy and nervous though.  At every sound her whole body jumped and she really did not like being picked up, she fought to get back down immediately.  I began doing reiki on her regularly, she allowed me to flow reiki for a couple of minutes at first, then longer each time.  After about 6 months of her being here and having reiki she began to play which was a wonderful sight.  She had never played before that, we’d bought her toys, waggled string in front of her, but nothing.  When I was giving her reiki, I got the feeling from her she simply didn’t know how to be a “pet”.

Well she’s been with us for about 2 years now, she loves her reiki, if she likes you, which she invariably does, she’ll sit on you.  She now sleeps on the bed with us, she plays immediately you wiggle something in front of her …. and she’s a purring machine!  She now allows us to pick her up, and although she’s not happy being held for more than say 5/10 minutes it’s an amazing difference to when she first arrived.

If you ever book a reiki course with me … she’s a willing volunteer for you to practice on!

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