Courses – Reiki III

Reiki Master

Reiki Master training is arranged directly with me, and is by appointment only.

The Master attunement is a very powerful, beautiful and peaceful one.  It will raise your vibrational energy further in addition to enhancing your Reiki skills.  When you feel you are ready to take this step to receive this attunement, and that you believe the Master level is truly “right” for you then contact me and we can find a mutually convenient time for this to be arranged.  You must have completed Level I and II before you can be attuned to Master level.

The Reiki Master course is a day long course and given on 1 to 1 basis, during which time we will discuss your experiences with Reiki healing so far.   I will answer any questions or queries you have, or which may have arisen during your healing experiences since your Reiki Level II attunement.

You will learn the Reiki Master symbol (Usui and Tibetan), and how to use it.  You will receive you Reiki Master attunement, and then you will learn how to give the Reiki Level I, II and III attunements.  These will enable you to teach all levels of Reiki healing to others.

It is of course possible to simply become a Reiki Master by having the Master attunement, without learning how to pass on Reiki attunements to others.  The attunement itself will, of course, still enhance and strengthen your healing abilities to an advanced level, however, for some people they are happy just to do this and develop their healing abilities further instead of teaching, and this is just fine.  It is a personal choice, and not one for me to determine for you.

However, if you have decided this is the way forward for you, and then decide at a later date you’d like to teach Reiki then this is also just fine and we can arrange to discuss teaching at a later date.

We will discuss the course content for Reiki levels I, II and III, the format and cost of each course, and naturally standards and ethics.

I would nevertheless ask though that you return to attend and help at a Reiki I and Reiki II attunement with me after your master training.  You are of course more than welcome to attend and help with as many attunements as you feel necessary.

You will receive your Master Certificate at the end of the day along with a Master Manual which contains all your course documentation, and all the information you will need for setting up your own courses.

Being attuned to Reiki is for life, it stays with you whether you choose to use it or not.  Reiki attunements can be an amazing experience and are as enjoyable for the Reiki Master giving them as they are for the student who is receiving them.

Course includes:

Lunch and Refreshments (please specify any dietary requirements)

Reiki Level 3 Certificate

Reiki Master Manual

Please contact me directly for cost

Course dates:

By appointment only

Click HERE to book, or make an enquiry. Bed and breakfast can be offered at a very reasonable rate if needed.