Courses – Reiki I

Reiki I

This is a one day course, running from 10.30 am to approximately 4 pm.  Courses can be by appointment as well as the course dates – there’s a form on the Contact Page you can complete with any queries.  You will discover how to “feel” energy with some simple, fun exercises.  You will also be given an introduction to the chakras and the aura.  During the morning, not only will you discover the history of Reiki and learn about its founder, Dr Mikao Usui, we will also discuss the similarities between Reiki healing and other energy healing techniques such as spiritual healing.

You will receive your First Degree attunement just before lunch, lunch can be provided on the course and should you wish to have lunch included, please indicate this at the time of booking.  You will then be taught the five Reiki Principles.  The first Reiki attunement (First Degree) opens up your healing channels and enables you to access and use Reiki on yourself, as well as being able to give this amazing healing energy to your friends, family, pets, food, drink and even your plants!

During the afternoon, you will learn the hand positions for both self-healing and healing others, and you will also have the chance to practice your new Reiki skills, both giving and receiving a full Reiki treatment, either one on one or in groups.  This is dependent on the number of people taking the course on that day.  There are also breaks for coffee, etc., during both the morning session, and afternoon session.

The 28 day period following your attunement is called the cleansing period. During this time, you are encouraged to give yourself a treatment every day and many students find themselves undergoing positive personal changes and spiritual growth which can be a very powerful and rewarding time.

Course includes:

Lunch and Refreshments (please specify any dietary requirements)

Reiki Level 1 Certificate

Oneness (Deeksha) Blessing (optional)

£75 for a one day course

Course dates:

Sunday 6th March 2011, Sunday 17 April 2011

Click HERE to book, or make an enquiry.  Bed and breakfast can be offered at a very reasonable rate if needed.