Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.)  is basically the way by which we organise, process and access the information we receive every day through all our senses, how each of us perceives what we see, hear, feel, taste.  It also studies the language we use and how when using certain language in a certain way in communication and in hypnosis we are able to challenge old limiting beliefs such as “I need to smoke”, or “I’m worried I won’t be good enough” or “I’m worried about my business”.  As well as limiting beliefs, it can also help to alter how we perceive any fears or worries.  It’s also a fantastic way to improve communication between people  Everybody processes information differently – we process images (visual), noises (auditory), feelings, taste (kinesthetic) and store them in our mind, with N.L.P. you can quickly establish how a person does this and by using the same language they do, you create greater communication between people.


1 hour NLP Consultation = £35

Please note all treatments are subject to an initial consultation of approximately ½ hour between myself and the client, this consultation does not represent part of any treatment, is confidential and is free of charge.