Hands On






To meet the needs of individuals at different stages of illness, Ann Carter BA. Dip Health Ed., Cert. Ed, Dip. NM., MIFPA has developed an approach called “HEARTS”.  The HEARTS process draws on a range of natural skills and sensory experiences.  These include those listed above in the mnemonic.  The benefits may be profound and the different aspects can be used in any combination for people who are anxious, in pain, or unable to sleep.  Easy to use relaxation techniques are used so the skilful use of touch can be combined with the use of the human voice to make it even more effective.

HEARTS was designed by Ann to be used where conventional massage techniques were inappropriate, and in any situation where well intentioned touch could be beneficial.  It can be given through clothes and bed covers so there is no need for patients to remove clothing.  The workshop offers a versatile package for working with most people.