Explore the possibilities of Crystals

Different crystals possess different healing properties, and the colour of a crystal can give off different healing vibrations.  Also different shapes of crystals can mean the crystal directs energy in different ways.

Crystals can in used in lots of ways to help our well-being.  For instance, just as we have reflexology points in our feet, we also have them in our hands, and by “rolling” a healing crystal around in your hands, you can transfer the energy from the crystal right into your reflexology points – some aromatherapy masseurs use crystals, usually spheres and wands in their massage for that reason.

Carrying a crystal around with you can also help your well-being, either in your bag or your purse as they can impart healing energy wherever you go.  Another way of using crystals to help well-being is where you place them in a room.

The best way to choose a crystal is by instinct, either how it sparkles, or the colour or you feel there is just something about a particular crystal, if you go with your gut reaction then 9 times out of 10 you will get the correct crystal for you.  This is the same when you buy a crystal for someone else, if you have them in mind thinking about what them and what they would like and be beneficial to them.  All crystals must be cleansed and dedicated before use.

To learn more about crystals, and what they can do to improve your well-being why not book a crystal party?  For hosting the party you will receive a free hand-picked healing crystal.  To book your free of charge crystal party drop me an email from my contacts page.