Animal Spirit Guides

Until I took a Shamanix course with Bronze Dragon in York (please see my “Links” page for their details), I had never heard of animal spirit guides.  Animal totems can offer spiritual guidnce and I didn’t realise that an animal can guide, teach and help you just as well as say a family member, or an angel for instance.  I liked the idea of having an animal guide and secretly hoped it would be an elephant as I am rather fond of nellies.  However, when my Reiki Master, Susanna, took me through the meditation I was surprised to find one of my animal guides was a deer.  I saw her, clear as day, she was beautiful.  I learned that an animal totem will you choose you … not the other way around!   I learned that they can be your teacher, imparting wisdom, a mentor, or even a friend.  Immediately after, I began to read up on other animals’ wisdom and guidance, and of course I researched the deer.  I was surprised with what I found as I resonated on various different levels with the deer.  The description could have been written about me!

Gentleness in word, thought and touch
Ability to listen
Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance
Understanding of what’s necessary for survival
Power of gratitude and giving
Ability to sacrifice for the higher good
Alternative paths to a goal

The more I thought about it, the more I realised I had been guided by the Deer’s wisdom for quite some time.  So, with this in mind I read about various other animals, a random choice, and most of them did not resonate with me at all, although in meditation different animals have appeared at different times.  I learned to trust that the right animal will come along at the right time depending on what lessons I must learn at that time.  Some animals are with you for a lifetime, and others will just stay until you have learned the wisdom or lesson they have to offer.

For instance, a Crow’s wisdom can include:

Guardian of the place before existence
Ability to move in space and time
Honouring ancestors
Ethics and Ethical behaviour
Carrier of souls from darkness into light
Working without fear in darkness
Guidance while working in shadow
Moves freely in the void
Understands all things related to ethics
Shape shifter

Or a Kangaroo’s wisdom may include:

Leaping away from bad situations
Creating a safe home environment
Ability to adapt to new situations
Protection of the young

As indicated above, I believe that other animal’s wisdom comes and goes at the times I need them, and it can be within a dream, a vision, an every day event or a meditation where they appear.  The deer has always been a constant with me though.  I bought a pendant not long after at a festival in Brampton.  The reason I bought it was because it had little bell inside it, but upon closer inspection there was a deer on the front of it, was this coincidence or had I been guided to the pendant?

It’s very easy to go and meet your animal totem through meditation, and once you have been to that place, you can always return to it to visit and sit with them again.  Always take them something, and thank them afterwards.  They may have something to give you at the time too, or maybe they don’t.

Animal Totems may have many messages to give to us, and I’ve found that the wisdom animals provide can be easily discovered, thinking very simply without second guessing yourself is the best way, trust your instinct.  For instance someone who finds a flying bird totem like an Eagle for example may be being told to look at the bigger picture, or an Otter may be telling you to be more playful.

Here is a short list with a very brief description of animal wisdom:

Ant – patient, diligent, work.

Badger – courage.

Bear – watcher, guardian of the world, giver of great strength of body, courage and power of will.

Buffalo – possesses great strength.

Cat – independent.

Crow – justice, shape shifting.

Deer – compassion, kindness, gentle.

Dog – loyalty and protection.

Dolphin – wise and happy.

Eagle – connection to higher realms.

Horse – freedom.

Lizard – vision.

Mouse – has an eye for details.

Rabbit – fertility.

Snake – transformation.

Turtle – shyness.

Wolf – pathfinder for the human spirit; heart of the wildness of the world, knowledge.

But there’s nothing stopping you from finding out for yourself who your animal totem is and what they have for you to learn is there ….?

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